What Is The Best Clothes Steamer?

Best Clothes Steamer

Garment steamers are becoming much more popular with buyers in recent years and are now common place in many homes. Once reserved for hotels and commercial cleaning establishments, the clothes steamer is now a must have for anyone who wants an effect tool to remove wrinkles from clothing, linen, drapes, and furniture.

The best clothes steamer will heat up to over 248°F producing a hot jet of steam that will penetrate deep into your garments gently relaxing the fibers and releasing wrinkles faster than regular ironing. Not only will a clothes steamer remove wrinkles from your clothes but it will also remove odors as well as kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria that may be lurking on your clothing.

Best Clothes Steamer Brand

With the growing popularity of the clothes steamer many manufactures have jumped on the bandwagon, but not all of them are good and many just aren’t up to the job in hand. We found that there were really only a handful of clothes steamer brands that we felt did a good job. Brands such as PurSteam, Steamfast, Rowenta, and Conair made some of the best clothes steamers and came out on top in our tests.

Each of these garment steamer brands have prices to suit all budgets with some handheld clothes steamers for under $50 and full sized models for under $100. But as the old saying goes, you do get what you pay for and like most other electronic equipment this holds true. We recommend trying to get the best garment steamer you can afford, if it means spending a little bit more then you intended we think it will be money well spent, especially when it comes to clothes steamers. Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than buying something on the cheap to only find that is needs replacing a few months down the line.

If you are at a total loss as to what garment steamer or fabric steamer to buy don’t fret, as we have put some of the best garment steamers through their paces and the below models came out on top and deserves a place in your home.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Steamer For Clothes

A clothes steamer is really designed to do one thing remove wrinkles from clothes. However, that being said some of the better models come with a whole range of attachments tools, and additional steam cleaning features. Before you put your hand in you pocket and part with your hard earned cash decide exactly what you will be doing most with your garment steamer. Will you be using it primarily for clothes and garments or will you also be cleaning upholstery, curtains and other fabrics around the home.

Below are also some over features and characteristics of clothes steamers that you should also take into consideration when buying a steamer.

Water Tank

Each garment steamer will come with a different sized water tank. A larger water tank will low you to steam for longer periods without having to run off and refill the tank. The downside of a larger water tank is that you will lose some mobility depending on how large it is.

Some of the best clothes steamers can heat up the water and start producing steam in less than 2 minutes and once heated can provide an average of 60 minutes of continuous steam. However a cheap clothes steamer can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to fully boil the water in the tanks and produce steam and with a larger tank the boiling times can be even longer.


There are basically two types of garment steamers you have handheld clothes steamers and full sized garment steamers. The portable models are great for traveling, or for on the spot steam cleaning, however due to their small portable size they can only produce a small amount of steam before they need to be refilled with water.

A full sized clothes steamer is the better option as far as we are concerned, even though they may not be as portable as the handheld models they are far better at steaming clothes and fabric and many of the best steamers come with a full set of add-ons and attachments to clean more than just clothes.

Steam Cleaner Trigger

Most of the cheap clothes steamers come with no control on the amount of steam that comes out of the nozzle. This means that you have a constant steam of steam with no way of quickly turning it off. If you have a big pile of clothes that need to be done this constant flow of steam probably isn’t going to be an issue.

However, the best garment steamers come with a trigger or dial so that you can control the amount of steam that comes out of the unit. This is a much better option as far as we are concerned and is not only safer but allow you to have full control over the machine.

Attachments And Tools

Depending on what you will be cleaning the most will determine what attachments and tools you really need. For example, some of the best steamers for clothes come with clothes hangers and tools to help steam clean upholstery, mattresses, and curtains. It really boils down to personal preference as to what you need from your fabric steamer.

Clothes Steamer Vs. Iron

When it comes to an iron and clothes steamers both of these devices have their own pros and cons. Irons for example can damage your clothing as well as leaving a shine on heavier fabrics and are heavy and cumbersome plus they need an ironing board.

Fabric steamers on the other hand come in varying shapes and sizes from handheld steamers to full sized garment clothes steamers and they do a better job at removing wrinkles without damaging the fabric. Plus, unlike irons clothes steamers can be used on almost any fabric from denim to delicate blouses without the fear of damage. And the added advantage of killing up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria as they clean is just the ‘icing on the cake’.


Best Clothes Steamer Three Of Our Favorites

Below we have picked out three of our top rated clothes steamers, each of these performed well in our steam cleaning tests and came out on top. We have chosen fabric steamers for all budgets with one that offers professional steam cleaning abilities as well as a handheld clothes steamer along with a good all rounder that we felt was the best value.

Best-Clothes-Steamer-for-the-MoneyBest Clothes Steamer For The Money

If you are on a tight budget and looking for the best clothes steamer for the money the Elite garment steamer by PurSteam is a great buy. Compared to all the models we tested this was a real heavy duty fabric steamer.

It boasts a cast aluminum heating element that only takes 45 seconds to heat up the large 61oz water tank and once fully heated it can provide roughly 60 minutes of continuous steam. With this unit you have peace of mind because it comes with a full 5 year warranty which is more than double the warranty given by the other brands we tested and reviewed.

Best-Professional-Clothes-SteamerBest Professional Clothes Steamer

If you are looking for the best professional clothes steamer that can give you the steam power of a commercial grade steam cleaner the Rowenta 1500-watt full size garment steamer was our top pick. If you have ever seen retail clerks steam cleaning in a shop this is probably the unit they are using, or very close to it.

It boasts a large 81oz water tank that can be filled with regular tap water, once full it can produce steam for just over an hour. The foot operated on/off switch is convenient and handy especially with the built-in indicator light. When it come to maneuverability the large back wheels make moving super easy (even with a full tank).

It comes with a large set of steam cleaning attachments and accessories such as a crease tool, a lint pad, a fabric brush, as well as a built-in hanger that comes with clips to hold garments in place for more convenient steaming.

Best Handheld Clothes Steamer

Sometimes a regular full sized garment steamer is just too much, especially if you live in a small home, apartment or even if you are a student. What you need is handheld clothes steamer.

Out of the handful we tried and tested the best handheld clothes steamer that came out on top in our tests and reviews was the PurSteam 850-watt portable fabric steamer. However, it was a very close tie with the Shark steamer that came in a close second place.

The PurSteam 850-watt portable fabric steamer features a commercial grade aluminum heating element that fully heats up in roughly 1 minute. This handheld fabric steamer may look like others in the marketplace but hidden inside is a ball made of fast heating aluminum, from our research we could not find any other brand that used this technology to quickly heat the water in the tank.

The PurSteam 850-watt portable clothes steamer is perfect for traveling and can be used on almost any fabric such as silk, organic fabrics, nylon blends, cotton wool, and linen just to name a few. Plus it also comes with a full 2 year stress free warranty so you have peace of mind that you are covered in the event you face any problems or issues.


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