What Is The Best Carpet Steam Cleaner?

Best Carpet Steam Cleaner

Sometimes just vacuuming is not enough to get rid of those stubborn stains, pet hair and other odors that maybe lingering on your carpet. To keep your carpet smelling clean and fresh you should use a carpet steam cleaner every so often, the best carpet steam cleaner will not only remove dirt and grime but they will also remove as invisible microbes and allergens that build up.

Although you can rent a carpet steam cleaner the cost can quickly build up over a 12 month period, a professional carpet cleaning service can actually charge you about half the price of a steam carpet cleaner per call out. So our advice is if you have a lot of floor-to-floor carpeting in your home is to invest in a top rated carpet steam cleaner and it will pay for itself in roughly 3 to 6 months.

There are many different types of steam cleaners for the carpet and choosing which the best is might leave a few of you scratching your head. If that sounds like you then don’t worry, in this article we have put some of the best carpet steam cleaners through their paces and picked out a handful that we feel are the crème de crème when it comes to home carpet steam cleaning.

What Is The Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Brand?

Before we dive in and start going over the steam cleaners lets first quickly go over some of the best steam cleaner brands and also manufacturers that make some cheap carpet steam cleaners so you then have an idea of what to look for when buying a carpet cleaner. It is no surprise that Hoover are one of the best steam carpet cleaners, they have been around since the dark ages and have many happy consumers who swear by Hoover as the best steam cleaner brand. Other brands such as Bissell and Shark also offer a top rated range of carpet stream cleaners that do a great job of home carpet cleaning.


What To Look For When Buying The Best Carpet Steam Cleaner

When it comes to carpet cleaners there are basically two main types that can be used in the home. There are portable carpet cleaners and upright carpet steam cleaners, because both of these carpet cleaners have slightly different functions is can be super convenient to have both in the home.

Portable carpet steam cleaners are great for quick stain removal if something is spilt or dropped, without the need to bring out the upright carpet steam cleaner for a full carpet clean. The upright carpet steam cleaner like the type made by Hoover can be used to clean the entire carpet.

Because we are focusing on upright carpet steam cleaners in this article we will cover some of the must have features that you should look for when buying a new steam cleaner for your home carpet.

Dual Water Tanks Or Separation Of Clean And Dirty Water

Most of the best carpet steam cleaners will offer dual water tanks, if you have a lot of carpeting in your home this feature is a must have.

On-Board Water Heater

Have you ever tried to remove stubborn stain with just cold water? Well the same goes when using a carpet steam cleaner to remove stains. A must have feature is some sort of on-board water heater, without this your carpets will not come out as clean as they should.

Portability – Non-Bulky Design, Light-Weight

Most of the top rated carpet steam cleaners have been designed with easy storage and portability in mind. Make sure you take the size, weight and overall design into consideration before you have over your money, especially if you live in a smaller home.

At Least Two Rotating Floor Brushes

For the best cleaning try and buy a carpet steam cleaner that has at least two rotating floor brushes, the best often have up to four! Not only will this type of steam cleaner do a better job at deep cleaning your carpets but it will also lift up the carpet fibers making your carpet look new and fresh.

Attachments And Add-Ons

The best carpet steam cleaners often come with an array of different attachments such as a powered hand tools and built-in spot cleaning options. Using these extra features you can then steam clean your upholstery, curtains, and easily clean up pet hair and stains.

Wider Path Cleaning Design

Most of the new carpet cleaners feature a wide cleaning surface and edge-to-edge cleaning which makes light work of large carpeted areas.

Removable Water Tanks

This is a must have feature, removable water tanks. This makes filling and removing water from the carpet steam cleaner super easy. Have you tried to lift a carpet cleaner into your sink before?

Different Wash Settings

A desirable carpet cleaning feature is a wash and rinse selector; this feature will allow you to rinse your carpet with just water to remove any detergent or soap residue.


Benefits Of Using A Carpet Steam Cleaner

When it comes to a carpet steam cleaner vs. a vacuum they both have different cleaning roles in the home. A vacuum cleaner for example is designed to remove dirt and dust by dry suction whereas a carpet steam cleaner utilizes hot water and detergent and then scrubs your carpet. Even the best vacuum cleaner will not remove stains, that really is only a job for a carpet cleaner.

If you have pets in the home a steam carpet cleaner is going to remove pet odors and pet hair that is stuck firmly to your carpet. If you have small children running around the home a carpet steam cleaning is going to remove dust mites and other allergies that lurk on your carpets.

Best Carpet Steam Cleaners Three Of Our Favorites

Below we have picked out three of the best carpet steam cleaners that came out on top in our home carpet cleaning tests. For anyone looking for a new carpet cleaner any of these would be a great buy.

Bissell-Premier-Pet-Deep-Clean-Carpet-CleanerBissell Premier Pet Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner

If you have pets and just can’t seem to get rid of that lingering pet odor, then this carpet cleaner is for you. This Bissell model has been specially designed with pets in mind and comes with features and add-ons aimed at cleaning up after pets.

It has a built-in pet hair basket that catches pet hair as it cleans and feature more brushes for extra deep cleaning, a total of 12 cleaning brushes. It also comes with a smart little tool called the “deep reach pet tool” that actually cleans your carpet from the bottom up ensuring the toughest of pet’s stains are removed.

And the extra-large 1.25-gallon water tank means fewer trips to the sink and more time carpet cleaning. The Heatwave technology helps to keep the water temperature hot – hot water means easier removal of grime and dirt!

Hoover-Power-Deluxe-Scrub-Carpet-WasherHoover Power Deluxe Scrub Carpet Washer

If you are looking for a cheap carpet steam cleaner that is from a well-known brand the Hoover carpet washer is a great choice. As far as carpet steam cleaners go this machine is relatively lightweight weighing less than 19lbs. the two-tanks system actually separates the dirty water from the clean and features a quick pour spout for easy emptying once you are done.

The Hoover carpet cleaner uses Spinscrub technology which uses a counter rotating brush system that offers 360-degree cleaning ensuring the toughest of stains, dirt, and grime is removed effortlessly.

What makes this steam carpet cleaner stand out from the competition in this price bracket is the edge-to-edge cleaning which forces heated air down over the carpet once cleaned that gives a faster drying time, so you don’t have to stay out of the room until your carpet is fully dry.

Rug-Doctor-Mighty-ProRug Doctor Mighty Pro – Carpet Cleaner

For those of you looking for a commercial grade carpet steam cleaner this is a really great buy offering superior commercial grade cleaning for the home. It comes with a vast array of attachments and tools which allow you to clean everything from upholstery, stairs, inside of cars, and tight unreachable spaces around the home.

The large capacity water tanks that keep clean and dirty water separate, they are large enough so you can clean in one go without the need to refill the tanks (depending on your room size). This carpet steam cleaner also comes with pet cleaning accessories and detergents and even a pet urine eliminator trigger spray.

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