Best Handheld Steam Cleaner

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner

Sometimes a regular steam cleaner just can get the job done, especially if you are trying to clean tight crevices, hard to reach areas in the home, or even your oven. Instead of struggling with the job in hand why not use a hand held steamer.

Yes you heard me right; there are handheld steam cleaners that have been designed with ease of use and portability in mind making your cleaning tasks easy, quick and convenient.

The best handheld steam cleaner makes light work of ground in dirt and grime, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs as they clean and many come with an array of attachments and additional cleaning tools so that you can easily steam clean upholstery, carpets, curtains and your bathroom.

Hand Held Steamer Best Brand To Buy?

With so many brands all claiming to be the best handheld steam cleaner it can be hard to weed out the worst to find the gems. Thankfully, we have done some of the hard work for you and found some reputable portable steam cleaner manufacturers that we feel are up to the job.

Brands such as Steamfast, Dirt Devil, Hoover, McCulloch, Bissell, and Haan make some of the best home steam cleaners and their ranges of portable units are great value with prices to suit all budgets. To save you even more time we have reviewed some of these hand held steamers and put each of them through their paces with various steam cleaning tests. The below were some of the best handheld steam cleaners that came out on top and we feel deserve a place in your arsenal of home cleaning tools.

What To Look For When Buying A Hand Held Steamer?

When it comes to choosing hand held steamer not all are the same, if you already own a regular steam cleaner you will already have an understanding are what features you need and what look for. But for those of you who don’t already own a steam cleaner below we have listed so of the characteristics and features that you should look for when buying a best hand held steamer.

Tank Size

Obviously a portable steam cleaner is going to have a smaller tank size when compared to the full sized units. However, there are still slightly different capacities when buying a handheld steamer; a bigger tank size means more steam and more steam cleaning time without having to refill the tank.

We have found that a tank capacity of around 6 oz to 7 oz is more than adequate for a portable steam cleaner and this size should give you roughly 15 to 20 minutes of intermittent steam cleaning, obviously slightly differing from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Like the varying hand held vac tank size, the temperatures each unit can reach will also slightly vary depending on the brand as well as how long the portable steam cleaner takes to reach operationally temperature. If it takes a long time to heat up before you can use it could mean that you will be stopping and starting on each tank refill and sat waiting. So make sure you look carefully at each unit to determine its heating performance.

Some of the best handheld steam cleaners can reach temperatures of 240 to 300 degrees and sometimes even higher. The higher the temperature the better steam cleaning and also with these high temperatures you will kill bed bugs, dust mites, germs, and bacteria and any other unwanted creepy crawlies in your home.


Ultimately, what you clean most in the home will determine exactly what attachments you need with your hand held steamer. Some of the best portable steam cleansers come with angled nozzles, nylon scrub brushes, extended flexible nozzles, concentrator nozzles, wire scrub brushes to remove ground in dirt and grime and even garment attachments for so it can be used a garment steamer.

There is no point spending a small fortune of a handheld steamer just for the attachments to only find that you don’t use half of them and you have nowhere to store them all. If money is tight and you are shopping on a smaller budget, try and find a cheap hand held steamer with just enough attachments and tools to get the job done.

Hand Held Steamer Vs. Regular Steam Cleaner

Apart from the obvious size difference between a hand held steamer and a regular steam cleaner there are also some of pros and cons to take into account. Firstly, the price can be considerably more for a full sized steam cleaner for you home and for many it is often better to rent one occasionally for a deep clean of your home. Small sized water tanks mean more frequent refills and less time steam cleaning, but they wouldn’t be portable if they came with large water tanks.

For larger cleaning job a full sized steam cleaner is going to be the best choice especially in you are cleaning carpets. It is not really practical to be on your hands and knees steam cleaning your carpet with a hand held unit, but for those of you who do there is a better suited hand held steamer to get the job done (look below).


Best Handheld Steam Cleaner Three Of Our Favorites

Out of all the hand held steamers we reviewed and tested the below three units came out on top. We tried to pick out three that could tackle a range of steam cleaning jobs such as upholstery, carpets or rugs, and we also picked out an overall best hand held steamer for the money.

Best Hand Held Steamer For The Money

When it came to choosing the best handheld steam cleaner there was one that really stood out and came out on top with all of the steam cleaning tests we put it through. The Haan handheld steam cleaner is the best we found for under $100.

It comes with a full array of steam cleaning tools and attachments to help you clean and sanitize every area of your home including an extended flexible nozzle, a concentrator nozzle, garment attachment, wire scrub brush, a nylon scrub brush, and a few more. what we like about the Haan handheld steam cleaner is that it only took roughly 3 minutes to fully heat up and then provided just over 15 minutes of intermittent steam cleaning. Once it had reached its optimum temperature it is able to kill over 99.9% of household germs, viruses and even dust mites from around the home.


Best Handheld Steam Cleaner For Upholstery

This was a tough choice as many of the Best Hand held Steam Cleaners came with attachments and tools to clean upholstery, but we could only choose one. The Hoover twintank handheld steam cleaner was our favorite, mainly because of its steam cleaning power and its host of tools and accessories for cleaning every corner of your home.

Not only did it shine at steam cleaning upholstery with the multiple nylon and wire brushes but it also was great at cleaning the bathroom using the provided bathroom cleaning tools. It also features a twintank that lets you use just steam alone or you can use a cleaning solution, simply adjust the dial as you go.


Best Handheld Carpet Steam Cleaner

If you really insist on cleaning your carpet with a hand held steamer we picked out the McCulloch handheld steam cleaner. What made this a good option for steam cleaning your carpets was the lockable steam trigger which allowed you to continuously steam clean without the need to hold the steam trigger down. If you are on your hands and knees cleaning a large carpeted area this feature is a must have as far as we are concerned.

The water tank can hold up to 6 ounces of water and heats up in roughly 3 minutes; once the tank is fully heated it will steam clean for 10 to 15 minutes. We estimate that for an average living room carpet you would only have to do a refill 3 to 4 times and the 15 foot power cord will allow you to easily maneuver around the room without having to worry about finding a power socket.


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